No Win No Fee Professional Negligence Solicitors

Here at Alexander James Solicitors we have considerable experience in the resolution of claims against professionals. We advise on a number of claims of high value and act for claimants in cases involving a wide range of professions.

Professional negligence claims arise in situations when you place your trust in a professional, the professional breaches a duty of care expected of a reasonably competent professional in that field and fails to perform their job to a reasonable standard, and with reasonable care.In basic terms professional negligence is where a professional person fails to perform to the standards expected from a professional working in those circumstances, resulting in a client suffering damage or loss.

At Alexander James Solicitors we understand how difficult it can be to have not received the service that you expected by professionals and our solicitors Claire Lines and Sebina Noreen Malik have experience in handling professional negligence claims against:

– Legal Professionals (Solicitors and Barristers)
– Property Professionals
– Surveyors
– Financial advisors
– Insurance brokers

Before we bring a claim for professional negligence on your behalf, we will consider the following:

– The professional owes you a duty of care
– The professional has failed in that duty by making a significant error and
– You have suffered a loss as a result, which is quantifiable.

There are times when clients need to take professional advice and unfortunately, there are a number of times when poor or careless advice leads to a loss of money, loss of time or missed opportunities. If you have fallen victim to bad advice by a professional or service provider and you have suffered a loss, you may be entitled to claim compensation by making a professional negligence claim.

The first step is to identify if you have grounds for a claim and the losses involved. Then, if you want to go ahead, our solicitors will preserve confidentiality, they will aim to see matters resolve and where possible, retain the professional and/or personal relationships between the parties.

The legal test for professional negligence claims can be complicated. Our professional negligence solicitors will advise whether expert advice from a barrister is required on determining the prospects of success/assess the strength of your claim, or expert evidence from a professional acting in the relevant industry confirming that no ordinary skilled professional acting with ordinary skill and care would have taken that approach.

Our solicitors will keep you up-to-date and talk you through all your options for funding your case.

No Win No Fee Professional Negligence Claims

Funding a professional negligence claim is often the last thing that clients want to undertake when they have already been let down by a professional adviser. We have a range of funding options that we may be able to offer you, including a No Win No Fee basis, working with third party funders or private funding.

A No Win No Fee funding option lets you make a professional negligence claim without being liable for your opponent’s legal costs. There’s clear pricing for each stage of litigation and we will explain this in more detail before we start your claim.

If you have suffered negligence as a result of a professional, then please contact us today on 0161 791 6666 / 07729461166. Alternatively, you can complete our online enquiry form using the link below to arrange an appointment and a member of the team will contact you:

We can discuss your potential claim, as well as funding options that may be available to you.

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