Commercial Litigation Lawyers / Commercial Dispute Solicitors

Our commercial litigation solicitors offer straightforward, pragmatic and commercially practical legal advice for business problems. We ensure that instructions are handled in accordance with your commercial objectives, strategically planned and appropriately managed.

The commercial litigation department is headed by Claire Lines and Sebina Noreen Malik. Our solicitors have experience in dealing with high value, commercial cases including:

– Commercial litigation
– Commercial contract disputes
– Breach of contract claims
– Sale and supply contract/distribution agreement disputes
– Professional negligence claims
– Construction disputes
– Business insolvency
– Business debt recovery
– Partnership disputes
– Shareholder disputes
– Director disputes
– Business disputes
– Franchising disputes
– Injunctions
– Search orders/search & seizure
– Tort claims
– Judicial review
– Group litigation
– Financial mis-selling disputes
– Banking and finance litigation
– Data protection issues
– Pensions litigation
– Funding litigation: CFAs, third party funding and ATE Insurance
– Mediation
– Expert determination
– early neutral evaluation

We can help with partnership disputes, or breach of contract cases where there is a non-compliance with the terms of a legally binding contract or agreement between individuals or businesses, where one party fails to deliver according to the terms of that contract or agreement.

We work with you to understand your business and personal objectives and to help you minimise the risks to your business by resolving disputes quickly and where possible, without recourse to legal proceedings. However, when this is unavoidable, we will pursue a strategy to achieve a successful outcome on your behalf.

We can resolve commercial disputes in the right way for Company directors, business owners and professionals who need commercially minded legal advice to achieve the best possible result. Our commercial litigation solicitors work to find the best possible solution in a timely and cost effective manner and provide clear guidance on legal options available to you.

We can help you resolve business disputes through negotiation, mediation or litigation. At times, litigation can be an expensive and time-consuming and reaching a resolution through litigation can take many months or even years, whilst the outcome of litigation can be uncertain even if you have a strong case. As such, in most cases, litigation should be a last resort and negotiation, which is an informal and flexible Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process can be considered. Negotiation involves the parties in a civil or commercial litigation dispute to attempt to reach an agreement on the matters in dispute without litigation.

With strong skills in negotiating out-of-court settlements and exceptional experience with court litigation, our commercial litigation solicitors work to achieve positive resolutions quickly and efficiently and to minimise the impact of a dispute.We provide our clients with flexible and practical ways of resolving their disputes to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our commercial litigation solicitors also provide clear and open advice regarding the costs involved. As a specialist civil and commercial litigation law firm without the overheads of other city firms, our fees for privately paying clients can be kept much more competitive.
We are well-known for our high-profile work and excellent client satisfaction.

For a free, no-obligation, initial discussion of how we may be able to help, please contact us on 0161 791 6666 / 07729461166. Alternatively, you can complete our online enquiry form using the link below to arrange an appointment and a member of the team will contact you: or make an enquiry online.

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