Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) means exploring ways to resolve a commercial dispute without going to court or settling a complaint out of court.

At Alexander James Solicitors we believe that Alternative Dispute Resolution including negotiation, arbitration or mediation may provide speedier, more flexible and affordable solutions to solving a problem without having to go to court, or to narrow down the problems before you go to court. This may be especially beneficial for parties who wish to retain ongoing relationships. For example, you may use ADR if you have a dispute with:

– family member or an ex-partner
– a business dispute
– a consumer problem

ADR has considerable commercial advantages and our solicitors always encourage clients to consider ADR before any court action. In some cases, it can be a legal requirement to attempt ADR before beginning any court action.

There are many types of Alternative Dispute resolution and Mediation is one form of ADR. An independent mediator will be instructed to help the parties in a dispute narrow down the issues and consider the best way of solving the issues by trying to find common ground.

The needs of both sides are taken into account to find the best solution to the problem and any agreed and signed mediation agreement will become legally binding for the parties.


Arbitration is another form of Alternative Dispute Resolution usually used for commercial disputes. No jury or judge is present in an arbitration proceeding; rather, an independent arbitrator will make the final decision about the dispute from the evidence presented by the parties. The final decision is called the arbitration award; the award is legally binding on all parties of the hearing and enforceable in the courts.

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