About Us and Our People

Our personal, cost effective and logical approach has allowed us to build a strong foundation that assists our clients in their always changing legal needs.

About Us

Welcome to Alexander James Solicitors, a specialist boutique practice that was established in 2017, by our Founding Partners, Claire Lines and Nadeem Malik,  who are passionate about the practice areas that we offer. Sebina Noreen joined the practice in 2020 and has been a valuable asset for the firm.
At Alexander James Solicitors, we are passionate about getting the right results for our clients and we are keen to develop strong firm – client relationships. The team at Alexander James Solicitors brings with it in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience in dealing with a range of complex legal matters that are detailed in ‘Our Services’ section of the website.
Alexander James Solicitors is a trading name of Lines Solicitors Limited. Authorised and regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority.


At Alexander James Solicitors

Claire Lines - Managing Director / Solicitor

Claire can be contacted on the following number: 0161 791 6666.
Claire qualified in 2005 and has over 15 years of experienced in acting for small and medium sized entities. Claire deals with a mixture of litigation and commercial issues and specialises in the following areas: 
– Property Litigation claims.
– Civil Litigation. 
– Breach of Directors’ Duties.
– Shareholder Disputes.
– Partnership Disputes.
– GP Partnership Disputes.
– Civil Fraud Claims and Freezing Orders.
– Family Law matters.
– Immigration, Work Permits, Tier 1 and 2   Visas.
– Business Visitor Visas.
– Commercial Judicial Review.
Claire’s email address is:

Nadeem Malik - Director / Solicitor

Nadeem can be contacted on the following number: 0161 791 6666.  
Nadeem qualified in 1997 has over 20 years of experience in the following areas:
– Family Law matters.
– Islamic Divorce matters.
– Business and personal Immigration cases.
– Sponsor License Applications.
– Driving Offences.
– Personal Injury cases.
– Judicial Review.
Nadeem’s email address is:

Sebina Noreen Malik - Consultant Solicitor and International Speaker

Sebina can be contacted on the following number: 07729461166.
Sebina qualified in 2017 and has over 4 years of experience in dealing with a mixture of litigation and dispute resolution cases including: 
– Professional Negligence Claims. 
– Commercial Disputes.
– Contractual Disputes. 
– Partnership Disputes.
– Civil Litigation.
– Bankruptcy Petitions.
– Negotiated settlements.
Sebina has previously worked with third party funders in various litigation and Professional Negligence matters enabling clients to bring a claim, which through lack of resources they were otherwise unable to bring. 
Sebina is a regular speaker at the World Litigation Forum and undertakes online Pro Bono work for The DIFC Courts in Dubai (UAE).
Sebina’s e-mail address is:
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